Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Temple, spa, lunch

After living in Pittsburgh for nearly a year, and not being able to attend the temple whenever I get the urge, I was SO looking forward to attending the Bountiful, UT temple on Tuesday morning. When I arrived, it was still dark. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I cherished every minute!

My cousin Charise and my sweet Aunt Blenda were sweet enough to join me. I'll never forget it.

 Then it was time for spa day! Me, my mom, Aunt Meri, and all my sisters (minus Heather and Mariah). Kaylee and Brenna too.

Kaylee and Brenna got a princess package. They got their hair and nails done. So pretty!

 After getting beautified, we went to eat at the Olive Garden. The waiter was totally hitting on Mom!

 Then off to the Fausett's for some trampoline jumping!

 All the cousins!

Carissa was kind enough to color my hair! I really miss my built-in beautician.

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