Monday, June 10, 2013

Brenna's "real" birthday

These first photos are actually from last week.
As I was cleaning out the extra room for Heather to stay in, I brought the kitchen toy downstairs...and this is how Captain A plays with it.

His diaper became his tool belt.

On one of the days I was at work, Brenna made breakfast for daddy. Microwave muffins! Nate says they turned out pretty well other than the fact that she microwaved them for 7 minutes instead of 3.

 Monday was Brenna's actual birthday. We had a just a small celebration because her birthday party wasn't until the upcoming Saturday. She was able to eat some cereal she picked out from the store and opened presents from Grandmas/Grandpas/Aunts.

Cute birthday girl...with her new haircut! Her bangs were getting in her face, so she cut them off. Mommy tried to even them out a bit. :)

 Ammon got in on the sugar breakfast, too.

In anticipation of her 'Under the Sea' party coming up, she decided to dress like water.