Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kaylee's celebration of learning

Today it was Kaylee's 'Celebration of Learning' program at her school. My brain was still swollen, so Nate and Brenna went. 
Kaylee sang a song from the 50's, hence the adorable costume that you see here.

Here is Kaylee showing off her hard work.

Best friend at school!
Nate took the girls on a date afterward to have ice cream. Apparently, Brenna busted out the Cheeseburger song in the middle of the restaurant...at the top of her lungs!

Afterward, we worked on some Father's Day cards. I thought it was so cute how Brenna's little lips poke out when she's concentrating. :)

We love finding these little notes from Kaylee.

Here's Ammon proud of making his 3rd sandwich at lunch...a raisin sandwich of course (crazy kid)!

Nate was working and Ammon came up to him with these shoes and said, "Here you go, Dad!" As proud as ever. Nate was so grateful for the help. ;)


Mom/ Gramma said...

Kaylee is growing up too fast. That little city was amazing. Hey Nate it's pay back time. You used to do that to our shoes. So, have we heard the hamburger song. I'll bet it made all the customers smile.

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