Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girly Cork Board

I have a little 3 year old girl who LOVES to paint, draw, and color. I have always wanted to have a special place to display her art work. I thought a cork board would be a great idea! I wanted to hang it in her own room. Of course, I could never hang anything in a little girl's room without a little zing.

What you will need for this project:

A framed cork board
small, thin wooden hearts and stars (or other shapes you want to use)
2 large craft 'Popsicle sticks'
tacky glue
4 tacks (preferably CUTE in nature!)
toll paints of choice (I used yellow, green, pink, and white)

Here's the cork board. You can find these in craft stores. This one was already painted purple, so I lucked out!

This is what the back looked like.

I took some pink ribbon and wrapped it like so. I thought it would be cute to have some little 'page holders' in the 2 corners.

I secured it in place in back with (what else?) tacky glue. I put the tack on top to secure it because I am too impatient to hold it until it's dry.

The infamous glue. Never do wood crafts without it!

I pinned the ribbon down in front with the tacks. This made it nice and taught for holding the picture in place.

Here it is with all tacks in place. Way cute so far!

These are the curtains from my girls' room. The inspiration for the colors. Everything must match!

I let my 3 year old paint the shapes. Stars: yellow, Hearts: pink, popsicle sticks: green. Actually, I ended up doing a couple of the stars green. It needed more green.

And here's a paint-saving tip: mix a little white in with a solid color instead of buying pastels. This will save you money, plus you can use the white too!

Don't forget to let ALL shapes dry completely before gluing them on.

I glued the popsicle sticks in the other corners.

I decided that the pink hearts were too plain, so I added white polka dots with the other end of a paint brush. I love polka dots!

So then you glue everything on. I didn't do a pattern, just random.
Here's the final product!

My daughter suggested that I put some buttons on. It was actually not a bad idea!

Here's today's artwork. A hall-of-famer for sure!

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