Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five ways to make your husband fall in love with you tonight after work

This is a quick list for a girl on the run. (Aren't we all?)

1. Have your hair and makeup done BEFORE he gets home. Or if you already did it, freshen up. Put on some perfume. Make yourself LOOK like the woman he wants to come home to. It's not exactly ideal for a man to see his woman wearing sweats with a puke stain on her shirt, and her hair looking like a rats nest.

2. Kiss him for 10 seconds right when he walks through the door. Not 2, not 5, but 10. And not like an annoying long kiss, but one that says you really missed him all day and that he's your MAN and you love him.

3. Make him dinner. No, let me rephrase that, get him dinner. Don't have time to cook? Run to Quiznos, grab a couple of subs, run home, and throw a table cloth on the table. Light a candle. VOILA! Candle light dinner. And have it there ready when he gets home. This will speak VOLUMES to him about how much you care about something that is important to him....FOOD.

4. Give him time to UNWIND. Men need cave time like girls need talk time. Let him get his cave time in before dumping on him all the worries of the day...he's had enough to worry about today at work.

5. Compliment him on SOMETHING, and mean it. Compliment him on something that makes him feel manly, like the way you appreciate him going out into the work force every day for your family, or how his muscles look really big in that shirt, or how it was so awesome of him to shovel the snow the night before.

Do these 5 things and your hubby will either think you are up to something suspicious, or that he married the most wonderful woman in the whole world, which he did!

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