Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taylor and Sara.........Wedding reception!

Tonight was Taylor and Sara's reception (Taylor is my cousin). They will be married and sealed tomorrow in the Salt Lake Temple.

Ah, I love wedding receptions. It is so fun to see the romantic glow in the couple's eyes! I mean look at them! They look amazing. Especially the bride! (No offense Taylor!)

Here's a picture of the 2 studs next door! Gavin's lookin' pretty good in that vest!

My favorite part of weddings is always the pictures. These two had tons to look at! She had a fuzzy winter cape around her dress, and a lot of the pictures captured the falling snow! It was just beautiful!

One of my many favorites

Here's a random picture of Gavin and Jake. Cute boys!

No pictures of the girls, sorry. They were at home with their dad because they are both sick!

Congrats Taylor and Sara!
See ya tomorrow, bright and early!


Devyn said...

fun! i love that picture of sara.. very beautiful!

Chaleese said...

I love weddings :) I am sorry your girls are sick! Trust me I know how you feel!! Parker has been so so sick! Sick kids make me so sad!

Cory and Megan said...

What a beautiful wedding. They are so cute together. I hope your girls get feeling better, and you now that they have shared it, yuck no fun. And I hope you don't have to deep clean the tub again anytime soon. :)

Craig and Sharelle said...

Your blog is so cute and I actually have access to it! Is it public now? Great pics, you got way more than me... I didn't even remember to bring the camera. What a great sister, huh? I hope you're all feeling better. I still hear little coughs here and there. And my email is if you decide to go private again, or if it's just a fluke that I can even see the blog at all!