Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to make hair clips.

I have two girls, so I figured it was about time that I figured out how to make them some hair accessories. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that my 3 year old has ditched the hair-cutting habit. And by the way, this project was SOOOO fun! I'm officially addicted! So here's how I did it:

First you get some curler clips. Click the link and you can buy them online, but they're cheaper at Walmart.
For all bows, I hot glued ribbon around the clip like so. It's easiest if you start from the inside and work your way around.

Ok first of all, the flower clips. They are SO easy and cute! You just buy the gerber daisy stems (or bunches) and take them apart so you have all the different sizes of layers of petals.

For this one I glued 2 orange layers and 1 yellow together, with a button for the center. Then I cut a piece of ribbon, made 2 loops, and hot glued that to the flower.

Then I just hot glued a clip to the very back like so!

Oh my goodness, doesn't it look ADORABLE????
I decided I'd make 2 of everything for good measure. I love doing pigtails with matching bows or flowers. Or if I wanted to make my 2 girls match!

This flower I hot glued 3 petal layers together and looped some ribbon like so, hot gluing each time around.

Then some thicker ribbon like this.

Here's my pre-ribboned clip!

Button in the middle, of course. Geez, that took like 5 minutes!

These ones are made exactly the same, just with 2 types of ribbon. I think they turned out pretty spunky cute!

Ok, here's how I made the bows. I am new, so bear with my techniques. And please as always tell me if you know a better way!!!

So I cut a long piece of ribbon and folded it so it looks like this, securing it with my finger and thumb. Then I glued all the layers in the center by slightly lifting each one individually to slide a dab of glue in between.

Different ribbon, cut at a diagonal, cris-crossed, and hot glued.

Thinner ribbon looped in a circle, hot gluing each go-round in the center {I will show you exactly how you can make pretty loops later}. The very last loop goes over the middle.

Then of course, the clip.

So here's how you make a 'present bow' type loopy star. Click on one of the pictures to see them upclose.

And here's the gallery!

These ones were made the same way, but with 4 types of ribbon; the pink ribbon secures the entire center all the way around.

Again with the ribbon securing the center. I think I like this best.

I think I'll call these the FIREWORKS bows! These ones have wired ribbon.

Don't ask me why, but I could NOT get this photo to turn right side up! {weird} These are actually really tiny and cute! These are the center most layers of the big red flower I used earlier.

The non-wired ribbon requires less 'fluffing.' Don't you love the green?

I don't think my girls have any outfits that are just brown and black...I'll need to get them one now...
These ones are smaller too. It's nice to have a variety of sizes.

That was a lot of bows! I'm just getting started!

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