Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Michael

Sunday, June 5th, was Michael's baby blessing. We were able to go to our other meetings before the blessing. I left relief society a little early so I could chop up all the fruit that I would be bringing. When it was time to go, we couldn't quite go because someone had a bathroom problem...we won't go into details. We were late when we hit the road to begin with, but we got halfway up Gordon before we realized we forgot Ammon's bottle!
We were going to be late. It was inevitable. I started crying. I felt horrible. I could not believe we were going to MISS the blessing! My own nephew! Could not believe it. I turned into a monster. I started blaming everyone in the car. I was mad. I was sad. There was nothing I could do!

When we got to the church, we flew inside. We made it right as Darin had started, because apparently there was another baby blessing before Michael. Heavenly Father truly blessed me that day. I thought for sure I had missed the whole thing.

I'm sure we made quite a scene. Our family of 5 had to travel to the front of the chapel where Allison and Darin were saving us a spot, and me with my tears. Oh well. Nothing I could do about that either.

After we sat down, the testimony meeting began. Shaleese, Shawnee, Dustin, and Darin all bore their testimonies. My dad also went up. Allison handed Michael to me because she wanted to go and share her testimony, but unfortunately, the time ran out. Sad for her, but yay for me because I got to hold the snuggling sleeping Michael for most of the meeting!

The lunch afterwards was at the park near Darin and Allison's house. It was a perfect day. We went to Darin and Allison's after and just visited and relaxed. It was a very good day. :)

I worked a bonus shift on Monday. Tuesday was my 'catch up' day, so I spent all my time cooking and cleaning. Alisha and Brian came over (they are passing through on their way to California) to scope out the upstairs of Grandma's house where they will be living starting in August. Jayce and Halli are SO cute! Our kids had SO much fun playing with them. I'm excited to be sharing the house with them soon!

Wednesday, June 8th, we visited Jen Ralphs and discussed 'self-reliance' for the visiting teaching method. It reminded me of how much Heavenly Father was mindful of me as I prepared my own food storage. When my heart was touched concerning building food storage, I was soon blessed with many opportunities to do so without putting a financial burden on my family! Looking back, I can see my Heavenly Father's hand there through all of it.

Me and the kids went to Allison's for the day later on. I watched all 5 children while she was at the dentist getting her teeth filled. It was...intense. Well, the first 15 minutes were fine. Michael was sleeping, Kaylee, Brenna, and Jake were playing on the tramp outside, and Ammon was playing in the boys' room with toys and watching baby Einstein.

It wasn't long before Michael woke up crying. I picked him up and he stopped immediately! Ammon came crawling in when he heard the crying and saw me holding Michael. I was trying to teach him the word 'baby' when he came up and started wacking Michael on the arm. Poor Michael started to whimper a little, so I stood up and started rocking him. Ammon got jealous and started crying. When I picked him up with my other arm, he was mad that I was still holding Michael, so he started squirming and crying. I put Michael in the swing to see if he would go back to sleep. Ammon stopped crying. But then Michael started screaming. Then I hear a noise outside the bedroom, and it's a parade of the trampolene children with Kaylee in the lead. Brenna starts nagging for a drink of water. Then I see this huge tree branch coming down the hall and into the toy room...carried by Jakob! Oh my. I started laughing!

I sent the older 3 back outside. I decided Ammon probably needed a nap. So I put him in the crib and he snuggled up for about 2.5 seconds then was trying to climb out of the crib. Michael at least was completely content because I was holding him. He is a social butterfly! I finally got Ammon to lay down again, when the parade of walking children came back in. I gave up. I told Kaylee to turn on a movie. When Allison got home, all 6 of us were in the toy room watching Toy Story 2, all with smiles on our faces! Hehehe

I got home and used Allison's illegal copy of the 'Insanity' workout program. It was insane.

That brings us to Thursday, the present day. Well, actually it's Friday now. I'm working tonight, and it's completely dead. I like it like that. I'm working through the weekend, so I am hoping the weather will decide to stay warm and keep people out of the hospital instead of raining every other day like it has been!


Allison and Darin said...

Longest post EVER! Dang! But I loved reading about the busiest month of both our lives. And I'm still goggling over the insane birthday party you threw! AMAZING! You're awesome, Sar.

Tigersue said...

What a great post. I'm am so glad to hear the your grandpa is doing well.

For some reason you can be a rock as a nurse but when it is your loved one it is easy to break down a bit.

My dad had a kidney stone problem last month and ended up needing surgery because it was causing kidney failure. I cried when I went to see him, even though I knew he would be okay, the thought of kidney failure scared the daylights out of me.

take care.