Friday, June 10, 2011

Kids say the darndest things!

We brought out the Bringhursts 'Gunny bag' to motivate the girls to clean up. The first time I introduced him, we had cleaned up the whole house and the girls kept getting tearful because they were so scared of him. I tried to explain that he's just a silly bag that eats toys, but he always gives them back later. When I brought him out, they watched him go from room to room crying because there was nothing for him to eat (Brenna actually felt so bad for the poor gunny bag that she tried to feed him her toy pony).

The second time I brought him out, the house was a mess. I planned to just have him sitting there ready to eat whatever the girls didn't clean up. When Kaylee saw the Gunny bag, she literally screamed, her eyes wild with terror! She was hysterical! I felt so bad. I hugged her and reassured her I was putting him away. That poor tenderhearted girl!

Once I had been out running and when I came back, Kaylee was riding her little bike. She said, "Mom, do you know how many miles I've gone on my bike?" Me: "How many?" Kaylee: "Twenty." (In a nonchalant way)

Pronounces birthday, "Birfday"
Each time you ask her how old she is now, she says, "I'm 5." (just like her big sis.)
Wears a dress EVERY SINGLE DAY. She cries if you put pants or shorts on her.
Once I said, "C'mon Brenna, let me do your hair." She said, "No Carissa do my hair!"
I said, "Brenna, do you stink?" Brenna: "Yeah. I go stinkies in the potty." Me: "You want to go stinkies in the potty?" Brenna: "No. I want you to change my diaper."
When I was changing Ammon's diaper, she looked in and said, "Is that his owie?"
Randomly in the car she shouted out, "Broccoli is good for us!"
She keeps saying, "I'm going to school next year!"
Brenna says the prayer at every meal, and it's exactly the same as the prayer Kaylee USED to say at every single meal! Word for word!

When he started taking some assisted steps, he was going totally sideways because he was used to cruising!
Points to lights and says, "Dats."
Says 'a-dah' when he's all done
I pat his chest and say, "Ammon" and he promptly starts pounding his chest like an ape.
When he crawls, his hands are TOTALLY turned in like a bulldog!
When I dropped him off at the Bringhurst's last night, he kept opening and closing his fist (saying bye-bye) because he wanted to come with me. He was reaching for me and started crying. That was the first time he's done that!

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