Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to make a tutu

{Please excuse the messy background!!! Kids were playing, what can I say?}

I actually made this tutu for my 1 year old daughter's birthday, but I decided to make one for my 3 year old as well! {I plan to do a mini photo shoot with both of them in their tutus...I promise to share those when I get them done}

So here's how I made them!

Buy some tule. Decide what length you want the skirt to be, and double the length. Plus add 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch (for the elastic)

I just folded the tule in half like this and cut it along the bottom.

To cut it into individual strips, you just roll up the large piece of tule.

Then cut it into strips about 2-3 inches wide.

I used a thick 1 1/2 inch elastic, but I have noticed most people use thinner ones. I just measured their wastes, cut them, and sewed the ends together.

Then I tied the tule to the elastic. Click here for an awesome tutorial.

After I tied all the pieces of tule on, I added some embellishments. Notice the heart jewels...

...and a cute little bow!

I also made some matching hair bows to go with it.

So cute huh???

Here's my oldest little ballerina.

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